Throwback Tuesday Episode 3 – The Crow

In Episode 3 of Throwback Tuesday, The Phenomenal One (Movie Spoilers) and Z (Eye Open Podcast/The Fan Critic) review the late great Brandon Lee’s last film The Crow






Directed by: Alex Proyas 

Produced by: Jeff Most & Edward R. Pressman

Written by: David J. Schow & John Shirley (screenplay)

Starring:  Brandon Lee, Ernie Hudson, Rochelle Davis, Michael Wincott, Bai Ling, Anna Levine, Michael Massee, Laurence Mason, Angel David & David Patrick Kelly

Release Date: May 11, 1994 

Rating: R

Running Time: 102 Minutes

Studio: Dimension Films 

Distributed by: Miramax Films

Budget: $23,000,000


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