Throwback Tuesday Episode 114 – Private Parts

On Throwback Tuesday Episode 114, The Phenomenal One and Z take a look back at Howard Stern’s Private Parts. Enjoy! Scroll down to the bottom to hear Z’s Throwback Tuesday Rap. 



Directed by: Betty Thomas

Produced by: Ivan Reitman 

Written by: Len Blum & Michael Kalesniko

Starring: Howard Stern, Robin Quivers, Mary McCormack, Fred Norris, Paul Giamatti, Carol Alt, Allison Janney, Michael Murphy & Jenna Jameson

Release Date: March 7, 1997

Running Time: 109 Minutes

Production Company: Rysher Entertainment & Northern Lights Entertainment

Distributed by: Paramount Pictures

Budget: $28 Million 


The new hit single by Z – Throwback Tuesday

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