Not Worth A Kick in the Azz Episode 62

Kick in the Azz is back and this week Luke & Wayne bring a BIG SHOW to you all as we talk about people making stupid comments about wanting The Force Awakens to Fail, some Civil War trailer talk. Rocky saga breakdown from part 1 to 6, CREED Review with Luke, Empire Strikes Back breakdown, WHATS THE POINT? People wearing high socks, and our top 10 worse Rocky saga moments.
6:30 – Z says he wants Force Awakens to fail (we Respond)
17:30 – Tom Roffman tells fans against Ghostbusters remake to F**K OFF
24:50 – Civil War trailer talk
37:00 – Luke reviews the worse movie he has ever seen called, National Lampoon’s Class Reunion
51:00 – Rocky saga review (1-6)Β 
72:00 – WHATS THE POINT OF IT? People wearing high socks
78:30 – Empire Strikes Back review
90:00 – CREED review (Spoilers)
109:30 – Top 10 worse Rocky Saga moments


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