Not Worth A Kick in the Azz Episode 66

On a HUGE Not worth a kick in the Azz show this week Luke & Wayne pay tribute to David Bowie and Alan Rickman, Wayne is becoming Buffalo Bill, we celebrate Australia Day, Suicide Squad Trailer breakdown. Wayne then makes an outrageous bet…again! Wonder Woman footage, MCG to Direct new HE-MAN Movie and Wayne goes off at OSCAR Boycott. Plus loads more.  
3:00 P1 thinks Wayne is a cross dressing woman
11:00 Australia day, what it means to us
21:00 David Bowie’s death, Kayne West the new Bowie
31:00 Alan Rickman’s Death
42:40 The voice of Disney’s Robin Hood also dead
46:30 Suicide Squad trailer breakdown
58:00 Wayne makes outrageous bet…again
60:00 Wonder Woman preview breakdown
1:11:40 MCG to direct new HE-MAN movie
1:15:10 Wayne has something to say about OSCAR Boycott
1:28:30 Luke finally sees what original Ronald McDonald looked like
1:31:30 Luke gives his thoughts about the Vacation movie
1:45:40 WHATS THE POINT OF IT! Ruined movies for someone
2:00:00 Wayne goes off at Tarantino wants Oscar named after him


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