Throwback Tuesday Episode 142 – Punch Lady

On Throwback Tuesday Episode 142, Sami and The Phenomenal One get into X-Men: Apocalypse then take a look back at Punch Lady. Enjoy! 

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Directed by: Kang Hyo-Jin

Produced by: Kee Jin Sung, Lee Seo-Yeol & Kim Jae-Hong

Written by: Kang Hyo-Jin

Starring: Ji-won Do, Sulli Choi, Byeong-cheol Kim, Ji-wan Kim, Kwang-sik Kim, Yoo-seok Kong, Sang-uk Park, Sang-wook Park, Hyeon-ju Son & Kwang-eop Son

Release Date: October 25, 2007

Running Time: 121 Minutes

Production Company: Premier Entertainment & Prime Entertainment 

Distributed by: Prime Entertainment 

Budget: N/A

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