I’m not sure about all you Spoiling Bastards, but I’ve been super pumped to see this trailer… and man, was it worth the wait.  VHS 2 has some very big shoes to fill after the first film’s 2012 release, and by the looks of this trailer, this sequel won’t have a problem.  If you’re a fan of gore like I am, it seems like we’ll be getting a LOT more of that this time around!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the first VHS film, click on this link to get all the information you need (no shame in a little self promotion, right?):  http://www.thatindiefilmchick.com/2013/03/vhs.html.  From what is shown in the trailer, it’s a given that we’ll be watching a series of short disturbing films again.  I’m assuming that one of the tapes is about aliens, another one about a cult, and more with really demented ideas I shouldn’t share here.

Here’s the red band trailer!  What are you expecting from this gory sequel?  What disturbing tapes do you think will show up?  Feel free to leave your comments below!

VHS 2 Red Band Trailer

VHS 2 will be available for your viewing pleasure on OnDemand June 6 and in select theaters July 12.

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