Who’s Writing the “Logan’s Run” Remake?

Based on the book written by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, Logan’s Run was adapted for the big screen in 1976.  The film tells the story of a world in which humans can only live to be 21 years old before they decide to take their own life.  Those who try to break the system are referred to as “Runners” and can easily be tracked down by police officers known as “Sandmen.”  Logan is a “Sandman” until he turns 21 himself… and begins to sympathize with the “Runners.”

logan's run

Logan’s Run has been trying to return to the big screen recently.  Names suggested for writing this project are Bryan Singer (director X-Men) and Nicolas Winding Refn (writer and director Drive) being the most recent.  So which one of them got the job?


Congr- wait what?  Ken Levine got the job?

Bioshock fans rejoice!  Warner Bros. has signed Ken Levine to write the script for Logan’s Run.  While working on his “passion project,” Levine will continue to work with Irrational Games.

What do you think of a video game writer taking on a movie script?  I’m really curious to hear from the Bioshock fans since the writing is one of the games strongest attributes.  How has Levine’s success with Irrational impact the movie industries?  Should more video game writers be hired to write movie scripts?  Leave your thoughts below!

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