Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

I’m holding myself back from quoting Anchorman throughout this post, but there are no guarantees.  There are those select few who aren’t excited about an Anchorman sequel.  When asked, my answer always remained the same:  “Heck, I’m not even mad; that’s amazing.”


Don’t act like you’re not impressed that I decided to write about this new trailer.  The story continues in the late 70’s/early 80’s, and our heroes extend an invitation to show us what they have been up to.  We are introduced to what appears to be Ed Helms offering Ron Burgundy a job on a “24-hour News Channel.”  This seems to be the most vital piece of information relating to the plot since we are shown some new running jokes for the last 60 seconds:  Ron possibly having an affair with a new woman, Brick having someone to relate to along with some more one liners (“I love lamp”), Brian doing a modeling job, James Marsden looking extremely attractive, and so much more.

In comparison to the original, it seems like there aren’t as many one-liners; however, this is only 1:45 and only so much awesomeness can be revealed.  I have high hopes for this sequel since the writing team has been working on it for 5 years now.  Anchorman 2 is due for a Christmas release.

What are your thoughts on the new trailer?  Was it everything you expected?  What are you hoping to see from this new movie?

This trailer works 60% of the time all the time.


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