Schwarzenegger Joins Zombie Movie

Lord knows Lehew will be excited about this one… That’s right, Spoiling Bastards.  We have a new Schwarzenegger film on the way!  If you guys are Walking Dead fans and obsessed with Arnold, there’s no question you will love this.


I don’t know why, but this picture seemed appropriate.  Thanks, Google Images.

Not much has been released on this project yet.  The film entitled Maggie surrounds a family coming to terms with their oldest daughter contracting a virus that slowly turns her into a zombie.  Schwarzenegger has been cast to play the title character’s father, which means we’ll be seeing a vulnerable Arnold along with his usual kick-ass personality.  Who will be his daughter?  Many sources have said that Chloe Grace Moretz would play the title character but didn’t accept the role due to scheduling conflicts.  Maggie will mark the directorial debut for commercial director Henry Hobson.

In other Schwarzenegger news, Arnold will be making his return to the Terminator series in the fifth installment.  No word on when production will begin.

How do you feel about a sensitive/protective role for Arnold?  How will this compare to his other roles?  Who do you think should play Maggie?  Leave your comments below!

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