How to Survive 4th of July in Movie Theaters

Ok, I guess I’m going to offer a little bit of advice to you all today.  July 4th is tomorrow, which means cookouts and seeing family members or many people that you really don’t care for.  How do you escape the insanity this holiday weekend?  Go to the movies.  It’s the perfect spot for cooling off on a hot day and  being by yourself if you’re in need of a little “me time.”

“But, Eryn, what movies are out right now?”  Let me help you guys out with my top 3 picks for movies this weekend:

  1. Despicable Me 2:  My words probably won’t effect you as much as P1 and Lehew’s, but this is the perfect movie for entertaining your inner-child.  You don’t even need to use the “I’m taking the kids to the movies” excuse!  The writing is sharp and witty, the voice acting is strong once more, and let’s not forget about those minions!  For a sequel, I thought this was pretty great and worth seeing. despicable-me-2-poster-01
  2. The Lone Ranger:  More than likely, I will see this by the end of the weekend.  The Lone Ranger also opens Wednesday with Despicable Me 2.  This would be a good choice for those of you who are thrill seekers and loyal fans of Johnny Depp.  Reviews have been saying the film is a little too long and “Depp focused,” but it would be more fun to kill time and find that out for ourselves.The-Lone-Ranger-2013-the-lone-ranger-32352271-2000-1405
  3. The Heat:  For those of you who have money to burn, go see this.  The film adds the unique element of the women cop partners; however, the trailers make it pretty obvious the focus is mostly on Melissa McCarthy.  I’m personally not a fan of her work (with the exception of Bridesmaids), but if you enjoy the crude humor she brings to the table while Sandra Bullock stands in the background, be my guest.  the-heat-movie

I hope you all can survive the weekend with my three suggestions, even though some of them aren’t the best.  I guess I’ll just say forget the last two and see Despicable Me 2 all weekend long.

Do you have any suggestions for new releases?  Would you see any of the above?  If not, I completely understand…

Have a Happy 4th, ya Spoiling Bastards!

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