“Evil Dead” Sequel in the Works?

While this year’s Evil Dead reboot is on it’s way to DVD and Blu-Ray, director Fede Alvarez opens up about his plans for a sequel.  Alvarez’s directorial debut shocked audiences across the country and is talking with Sam Raimi about expanding the rebooted series.  Alvarez shares that he wants the sequel to be a movie that carries the original story with the survivors from the previous.


I don’t blame him for his ambitions, but my personal problem with sequels today is their exclusivity.  Allow me to explain:  I’m a huge fan of Despicable Me.  A few weeks ago, I went to Despicable Me 2 with some family members who hadn’t seen the first film and were left out of all the inside jokes from the original.  There were many parts of the movie they didn’t understand and completely forgot what was going on in the movie.  I know, it’s a kids movie; but no matter the film, the audience always wants to feel included.

With Alvarez saying that he’s making a film only a select few will understand, he’s really limiting his audience; however, his argument is incredibly valid:  “The reality of the industry today is that the sequel is just the same concept, but with a bunch of new characters.”  The examples he continues to use are the Saw and Final Destination series.  What Alvarez plans on doing is using the survivors from this year’s reboot but also using the ones who died.  I’m not sure if he plans on working with different worlds, but we need to wait for the go-ahead to do the sequel first.

What are your thoughts on an Evil Dead sequel?  If you saw the reboot, do you think a sequel would be appropriate?  Will Alvarez even receive an approval?  Share your thoughts below!  We’re really interested in what you have to say about this!

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