“Star Wars” Casting Drama

The next episode in the Star Wars series is expected to begin filming next year for the 2015 release.  As you can all imagine, the rumors surrounding casting are flying like crazy.  Some of these are turning out to be true as we’re getting closer to our production date.  I’m not sure if J. J. Abrams is trying to get the insane fangirls into the theaters, but based on these casting rumors, it looks like that’s the route he’s taking…

star wars

GOSLING!  I adore Ryan Gosling (I hate The Notebook but love everything else he’s been in), but if he’s cast, I’m not sure what I will do. Sources recently stated that Gosling is being considered for the role of Luke Skywalker’s son, along with Mark Hamill returning to play Skywalker.

Zac Efron is also being strongly considered by Abrams and Lucasfilms for a role in the next chapter.  At this point it’s unclear of what role Efron will be cast in, but rumors are stating he could be playing Han Solo’s son.

Let’s add one more hunk into the insanity, shall we?  Leonardo DiCaprio was also eyed up for a role in Episode VII; however, it appears that DiCaprio has turned down the role.  “How could you turn down Star Wars?  What could Leo possibly do that’s better?”  How about the Robotech movie?  THAT’S RIGHT.  DiCaprio is in talks with Warner Bros. about doing a Robotech movie (based off of the anime), which is being produced by co-star in The Great Gatsby and BFF Tobey Maguire.

Last rumor confirmed:  No, J. J. Abrams has not dropped out of directing the newest Star Wars film.

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