Movie Spoilers Episode 73

On Movie Spoilers episode 73 we go over comments, our views on a rape scene being taken out of a film, the weekend box office, blu-ray releases, upcoming reviews including that crap called Lee Daniels The Butler (because nothing is more inspirational especially to P1) and trailer talk with Kick-Ass 2.








I’m sorry, now I know I haven’t seen this film yet because I’ve been avoiding it like a PLAGUE but just look at that damn poster. Maybe the movie will be good but judging from the trailer….HOW IN THE HELL DOES BEING A BUTLER UNDER RACIAL DISCRIMINATION SUPPOSE TO BE INSPIRATIONAL? Forest Whitaker is walking around like damn Roscoe Patterson from The Boondocks but because it’s a movie about discrimination and slavery we can’t make the upper white class be a bad guy so let’s have them teach Forest how to read and write because people were nice during those times, right folks? NO! This seems like a film that because of the subject people feel obligated to like it because they believe their learning about history and the tragedies of the Civil Rights and believe me a phenomenal film about the Civil Rights movement is long overdue but this looks like it’s been touched by the Hollywood lights and glamour. I mean that in the sense of this film will probably be like a miniseries of tragic scenes that gets overlooked because it doesn’t wanna push anyones buttons on being preferably the worst person ever just like some people were in that time. Who knows though I could be completely wrong and I personally hope I am but judging from this years film releases chances are I’ll probably hate this film. Sorry about the rant but I had to let that out. Hope all the Spoiling Bastards out there enjoy this episode and hey maybe Hollywood will produce my movie it’s called, The Last Ni**a on Earth starring Tom Hanks. I couldn’t resist using that great Paul Mooney line.

-The Phenomenal One

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