“A.C.O.D.” Trailer Leaked

Yes, I know it’s not Monday, but I feel obligated to share a little man-candy on the site.  When I saw Adam Scott had a new dramedy coming out, I knew I had to post about it.  And drool over my favorite cast member of Parks & Rec.


In his new film Adult Children of Divorce [or A.C.O.D.], we follow Scott’s Carter, who grew up to become a seemingly normal adult after his parent’s divorce.  Carter’s life begins to go haywire after his brother gets engaged – and it’s Carter’s job to reunite his parents for his brother’s big day.

This Sundance Select stars an incredible cast:  Catherine O’Hara and Richard Jenkins are playing Scott’s parents, Amy Poehler is Jenkins’ new wife, Jane Lynch is Scott’s therapist (?), and Jessica Alba appears to be playing a love interest.  A.C.O.D. marks the directorial debut of Stu Zicherman and seems to balance heart and humor beautifully.

There isn’t a release date just yet, but there is a trailer!


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