Movie Spoilers Contest Week

As everyone knows Movie Spoilers has reached over 1 million views and finally made it to 100 episodes so it’s time to give back to all the Spoiling Bastards. This past week I (The Phenomenal One) threw out a question on each podcast except for Throwback Tuesday because well I forgot and if answered correctly you win a prize. Questions are provided below from each show along with prizes. Good luck and thanks again for all the support. 



-Walking Dead Spoiler Recap


1) Who is The Phenomenal One and Wayne’s favorite character from The Walking Dead show? 

Answer: 1) Wayne/Shane     2)The Phenomenal One/Merle Dixon

Prize: Choose between 

The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead by Max Brooks or ?????? (Mystery Prize) 

Winner: Robert from the Bay


– The Darkness


1) What’s a film that The Phenomenal One and ChicagoJon think is overrated that is shrouded by Darkness

Answer: Gravity

Prize: Signed copy of the film from The Darkness brothers

Winner: MAK 2.0


– Movie Spoilers (Two questions to win two different prizes)


1) Who is The Phenomenal One and Lehew’s favorite superhero? 

Prize: ????? 

Winner: TBA

2) What was the first movie in Movie Spoilers history did The Phenomenal One change his rating to an even lower rating? 

Answer: The Amazing Spider-Man

Prize: $50 Fandango Gift Card 

Winner: UnCaged Beefcake

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