A Night to Remember – Audio Review

It doesn’t take a night to only remember 30 minutes. 



Directed by: Nathan Pelland 

Produced by: Eric Badik, Jordan Salkil, Alison Nakanishi, Eric Nakanishi & Jennifer Urban

Written by: Nathan Pelland

Starring: Nathan Pelland, James Fite, Brandon Kimbrell, Nathan Pepiot, Celeste Celestino, Kenzie Phillips, Courtney Barker, Robert Neyrinck, Thomas Sloan, Elliott Nakanishi & Cassidy Turner  

Release Date: April 1, 2014

Rating: Unrated 

Running Time:   

Editing by: Eric Badik & Nathan Pelland

Distributed by: Eye Open Pictures Entertainment/New Order Film Studios 

Budget: $1,000 

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