Throwback Tuesday Episode 56 – When Animals Bite Back

On Throwback Tuesday Episode 56 we get into Discovery Channel TV movie territory with When Animals Bite Back. Enjoy!



Directed by: Roger Tilling (Narrator)    

Produced by: Nathaniel O. Calloway, Richard Ross & Robin Sestero

Written by: Documentary  

Starring: Jesus Egurza, Elena Ainzua, Felipe Sota, Gonzalo Ciervide, Chris Shivers, Shorty Gorham, Cody Lambert, Johnny Cobbler, Byron Boller, Brandon, Bennett, Karen Walsh, John Blomquist, Randy Wisthoff & Drew Gregory 

Release Date: May 22, 2011

Running Time: 43 Mins 

Editing by: Robert Erickson, Peter Fitzgerald, Ron Medico, Robyn T. Migel & Jeff Peltier

Distributed by: Discovery Channel 

Budget: N/A

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