Not Worth A Kick in the Azz Episode 68

Not Worth A Kick in the AZZ returns this week so Luke & Wayne break all those Superbowl TV trailers, those stupid AIRLINE TV spots for Dawn of Justice. Is Batman v Superman in trouble? Kindergarden Cop 2 Trailer, Deadpool review, Ghostbusters villain along with a teaser to a teaser. Also our routine segment of What’s the point? 
1:30 The story Wayne was warned off talking about
6:00 Khody’s heartbreaking love story
14:40 Luke assulted in car park by ticket
18:00 Superbowl trailers 
28:00 BATMAN v SUPERMAN Airline ads…..Ohhhhh just wait for the rage
plus talk about Batman solo film and the hype of the film
50:30 Kindergarden Cop 2 trailer
1:00:00 Spotlight Review from Luke
1:03:00 Luke checks out Deadpool
1:13:00 Ghostbusters Villain….the logo….no really
1:23:40 Another actor passes away


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