The Brothers Grimsby – Audio Review

Please stop writing Sacha Baron Cohen. Just f***ing stop!



Directed by: Louis Leterrier

Produced by: Sacha Baron Cohen, Nira Park, Peter Baynham, Ant Hines & Todd Schulman

Written by: Sacha Baron Cohen, Phil Johnston & Peter Baynham

Starring: Sacha Baron Cohen, Mark Strong, Rebel Wilson, Penelope Cruz, Isla Fisher & Gabourey Sidibe 

Release Date: March 11, 2016

Rating: R

Running Time: 83 Minutes

Editing by: Jonathan Amos, Evan Henke & James Thomas

Production Company: Big Talk Productions, Four by Two Films, LStar Capital, Village Roadshow Pictures & Working Title Films

Distributed by: Columbia Pictures 

Budget: N/A 

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