Not Worth A Kick in the Azz Episode 70

Not Worth a Kick in the Azz returns with a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about the show , Wayne gives a more detailed Review of BATMAN v SUPERMAN, Luke checks out Justice League War, Indy 5 on it’s Way, Luke weighs in on Civil War trailer, Top 10 Most popular movies we have never seen, WHATS THE POINT OF IT? and finally Wayne opens up about the show the site and issues that we need to work on.

KICK IN THE AZZ Batman v Superman short Film Video Review–L54

3:20: BvS backlash by all.


17:30: Khody Williams Gives me shit for photos, Check out his facebook profile!

22:20: Crazy Gym Woman “Two pounds of Chicken, Bag of sugar, 1.25 bottle of Coke”

26:30: INDY 5 is coming

32:00: THE CROW remake off again on again off again

40:00: CIVIL WAR weighs in on trailer and will it be great?

44:30: Wayne opens up about personal feelings on the site

57:20: BATMAN v SUPERMAN detailed review from Wayne

1:23:40: Luke Confused by Justice League War

1:31:20: WHATS THE POINT OF IT? Strange Statements that make no sense

1:39:20: Top 10 Most Popular Movies we have never


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