Movie Spoilers Episode 264

Your Spoiling Hosts, The Phenomenal One & Khody are back this week with Movie Spoilers Episode 264. We finally get a chance to tackle the first trailers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi & Kingsman: The Golden Circle. DC animated films falling from damn near perfect to either meh or dog s**t. For some odd reason Gal Gadot using Beyonce music to prepare for her role in Wonder Woman. P1 talks about Coachella and the lack of evolution in hip hop. Marlon Wayans get his own tv show alongside having a new film dropping on Netflix and Captain Marvel receives not 1 but 2 directors. Tyrese teaches us the importance of zodiac signs because in case you didn’t know he’s a Capricorn. Then finally we wrap things up with the weekend box office, blu-ray releases & trailer talk with The Circle. Enjoy!

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