Movie Spoilers Episode 277

Your Spoiling Hosts, The Phenomenal One & Khody are back this week with Movie Spoilers Episode 277. We waste no time and get right into the new 4 minute long Justice League trailer & why it sucks. Fox is moving onward with a Dr. Doom solo film. Then we get into the type of clicks we were apart of back in high school. Justice League spending $25 Million on reshoots & could Flashpoint be the reboot we’ve been looking forward to? Khody finally sees All Eyez on Me & gives his thoughts on that piece of garbage. P1 comes up with a special reality show idea for the Spoiling Hosts. More chatter on Valerian & Luc Besson being a visionary but sucks ass thru a straw when it comes to writing. Is a Dunkirk a masterpiece? F**k NO but it isn’t bad. Finally we wrap things up with the weekend box office, blu-ray releases & the upcoming film release schedule. Enjoy! 

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