Movie Spoilers Episode 285

Your Spoiling Hosts, The Phenomenal One & Khody are back this week with Movie Spoilers Episode 285 another milestone on the road to 300. P1 talks about Pablo Escobar’s brother & Escobar Inc. asking for $1 Billion from Netflix along with some of the comments made by both parties involved. IT still raking up a ton of money while mother! opens poorly as we get into the weekend box office results. Khody gives his thoughts on mother!. Some praise thrown to the Ultimate Schmoedown for just knocking it out the park except for not just handing the belts over to Team Action (#ActionArmy). More comments on J.J. Abrams directing Episode 9 & how Episode 7 really didn’t take any risks/chances? We give some thoughts on some possible ideas on what to do with the adults in IT Chapter 2. Tyrese trying to reach Dwayne Johnson because he won’t call him back & #FastFamily doesn’t fly solo like that.  

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