Movie Spoilers Episode 286

Your Spoiling Hosts, The Phenomenal One & Khody are back this week continuing the road to 300 with Movie Spoilers Episode 286. We kick off this weeks episode going over the weekend box office results along with talking about a special film that has finally been released on blu-ray. Where’s the Palpatine spin off film Lucasfilm? P1 finds a new appreciation for Emperor Palpatine in the Star Wars universe. With Lego Ninjago not going over well with the audience & critics we go over what films the LEGO brand should release next. Justice League getting some positive buzz (like every other DCEU film has) from a “secret screening” but does it mean anything? A Spoiling Bastard makes us play Fear Factor: The Movie Spoilers Edition with the worlds most disgusting slices of pizza made by Nick Cannon. Wishing a very happy 15th birthday to a certain Spoiling Bastard of ours along with answering his question as to our preference of sci-fi or fantasy films. Then we play a good game of “If I Could Only Have 1.” Finally we wrap things up with trailer talk for ‘Till Death Do Us Part. Enjoy!

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