Movie Spoilers Episode 306

Your Spoiling Hosts, The Phenomenal One (The Petty One) & Khody are back this week with Movie Spoilers Episode 306. We open up this weeks episode with the comments made by Quentin Tarantino about Roman Polanski. In a battle of finding out da way Cell battles Ugandan Knuckles (check out DevilArtemis on YouTube to witness it). A listener believes Khody will have an open mind about the earth being flat unfortunately he forgot Khody has a brain. A small version of Trailer Talk happens with the Venom & Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailers. P1 goes into another rant on Nick Cannon. Then we wrap things up with our thoughts on which fan base is the worst. As the show closes P1 goes into another rant on single people on Valentines Day needing to shut the f**k up about not needing someone. Enjoy! 

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