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Hometown: Melbourne Australia (Lives Sydney Australia)

About Me: The Founder of Not Worth a Kick in the Azz, Co-Host of Not worth a Kick in the Azz, Spoiling at the Movies and Fire it Up

Wayne is the smart ass wise cracking Australian bastard. Foul mouthed and hot headed. He is often going on detail rants about something that has pissed him off that day (or years ago). Wayne is often the one who is behind the Video creations on the site.

All Time Favorite Movies: Rocky, The Crow, Star Wars, Ghostbuters & Mad Max

All Time Worst Movies: The Crow Wicked Prayer, House of the Dead, Transformers Michael Bay films, Robocop 3 and tooooo many to list.

Favorite Actors or Actresses: I hate them all…..Fuck em

Favorite Directors: Chad Zuver (A Night of the Living Dead)

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/Wayneasmale

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